Channel Loyalty Solutions

Making your channel partners to be one with your brands objectives.

Be it any Industry, brands in order to stay relevant today, compete with each other on similar product features, quality, serviceability, channels of selling and most importantly price. Every product experiences the stages of product life cycle but only a few surpass the intended goals, some meet them and some fail.


What does it mean?

It means, the channels or the target audience did not support or became loyal to the brand.

Channel Loyalty Program in Brandwelkin is designed into Engagement, Value Derived, Advocacy and Commitment.

Engagement as to how well a product is communicated to its channel, what was the value derived from the engagement, did the channel advocate your product efficiently, how long did the channel stay committed to your offerings.

At brand welkin, we work on these four important aspects of the channel support that a brand and its offering needs.

Data Analytics

Data analytics is an ongoing process of observing, acting, and learning. BrandWelkin’s analytics tool helps you to improve your loyalty programs by acting on insights. Success can be measured by monitoring purchase trends, customer retention, and the impact of marketing promotions strategies

Reward Fulfillment

Our reward fulfillment service provides your participants with an opportunity to dream – to use their performance to strive for an attainable goal. Our vast selection of incredible non-cash incentives includes top-shelf merchandise, individual travel, and experiential rewards, tickets to premium events, and more.

A prompt delivery process that operates and is backed by our team of highly trained customer service specialists who track redeemed items from the warehouse right to your participants’ door.

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How Does It Work?

  1. Identifying your immediate channel objectives.
  2. Designing a program that aims to bridge your business goals with the channel.
  3. Creating a technology platform that engages for a faster & reciprocal channel communication.
  4. Providing way for the channel partners to participate in your goal oriented programs.
  5. Give direction for your channel partners to grow along with you.
  6. Encouraging brand loyalty of your channel partners by incentivising them for their support.
  7. Rewarding them for their loyalty.



Channel connect is a never ending communication and relationship building activity.

What to Expect From this Program?

  • Fully aware and informed channel.
  • Faster communication of your regular business agenda.
  • Continued & never ending connect with the brand.
  • Incentivised channel that is keen to grow.
  • Decisive channel that values your association.
  • Mutual and a collective growth.

Nurturing a  brand in order to excel  in a competitive ecosystem it is present in, includes continuous study, experimentation and calculated decision at right times.


Brand Welkin designs channel strategies in tandem with stakeholders of a brand to achieve desired objectives.