Our technology offering is designed to scale and accommodate the requirements specific to a client’s program. Our experienced technology team has the expertise to design and implement web applications, mobile applications, customer relationship management systems and marketing campaign management systems that drive programs like Channel Loyalty, Mystery Shopping-Audits, Brand Activations and Training Programs.

Our technology offering that helps in building a loyal trade channel includes

  • Web Application
  • Mobile Application
  • Marketing Automation

How does it work?

We design technology that enables a smooth and reciprocal connect between a brand and its channel. This includes

The aim of the technology platform is to a drive a faster brands communication in a competitive ecosystem along with the long term goals of developing a connected and motivated trade channel.

Customised Technology Support

Our technology platform is designed after a detailed analysis of the client objectives with respect to its channel.

We will then work in creating a technology platform that is scalable, has a simple to use interface, drives the planned brand objectives within the timelines.

Nurturing a  brand in order to excel  in a competitive ecosystem it is present in, includes continuous study, experimentation and calculated decision at right times.


Brand Welkin designs channel strategies in tandem with stakeholders of a brand to achieve desired objectives.