Channel Loyalty and Gamified Growth

An innovative and disruptive way of keeping your channel partners engaged with your brand towards a collective growth.

Know More About Channel Loyalty & It's Awesomeness!

From the Channel-Only days  to the Exploratory Online Medium and now Harmonising Omni-Channels, the X factor role has always been played by ‘The Channels’

Brands have been launched, nurtured, cherished or abandoned badly by the channels. There is always a diligent way of being in their good books and cornering the competition.

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Channel Loyalty Solutions

Be it any Industry, brands in order to stay relevant today, compete with each other on similar product features, quality, serviceability, channels of selling and most importantly price.Every product experiences the...

Retail Audits

Understanding customer behavior patterns at a customer touch point is always tricky. Discussions & plans in the company’s board room about designing customer experience points or customer touch points, tend to fail..

Brand Activations

Brand Tracking and Activation relates to the process of studying a brand’s journey through various channels. It not only allows to understand the commercial value of the brand but helps to ascertain the emotional and...

Gamified Training

Training programs tend to improve the efficiency of the stake holders to a brand. Right from promoters of a brand to field executives to the senior management everybody in one or the other way is...

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a direct way of reaching and connecting with a brand’s potential customer even before the customer is aware of a brand. Similar, to offline channels it begins right from creating awareness...


Our technology offering is designed to scale and accommodate the requirements specific to a client’s program. Our experienced technology team has the expertise to design and implement web applications, mobile...

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A pilot project will be conducted to record the findings towards a set of parameters relating to the presence of your brand in a retail ecosystem.

A detailed analysis and a report on the same will be provided as as sample report.

How are we unique in our work?

We do not simply apply a successful tested strategy to all the client’s concerns. We analyse and dissect each of the client’s problems and then decide to either follow a tested strategy or to devise a new one meant for the problem in hand.

  • We  conduct a detailed research before accepting a project.

    We conduct a detailed research before accepting a project.

  • We then devise a strategy identifying immediate and long term goals.

    We then devise a strategy identifying immediate and long term goals.

  • We set deadlines and conclude by reaching the planned objectives on time.

    We set deadlines and conclude by reaching the planned objectives on time.

What will be your immediate benefits?

  •  A Loyal Channel.

    A Loyal Channel.

    A well informed and directed channel that follows a brand's communication, engages with it after finding it relevant and advocates it to others.

  • Technology Enabled Programs.

    Technology Enabled Programs.

    Channels supported by technology based applications that drive a faster, personalized and complete communication to the business partners.

  • Futuristic Customer Insights.

    Futuristic Customer Insights.

    Detailed and unique insights on the customer's preferences, likes & dislikes, wants and demands from a brand.

  • Data Analytics and Reporting.

    Data Analytics and Reporting.

    Recording of data based on first hand information analysing the data relevant to drive determined goals and reporting it in a simple format.

A Brand's Growth Chart.

Channel Loyalty

  • Program Design & Implementation
  • Gamified Growth
  • Web & Mobile Enabled platform
  • Campaign Management
  • Rewards Fulfillment
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Retail Audits

  • Mystery Shopping
  • VM Audits
  • Competitor Study
  • SKU & Stock Audits
  • Reports & Analytics

Brand Activation

  • Visual Merchandising
  • In Store Marketing
  • Brand Promotions
  • Brand Survey
  • Influencer Marketing

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Nurturing a  brand in order to excel  in a competitive ecosystem it is present in, includes continuous study, experimentation and calculated decision at right times.


Brand Welkin designs channel strategies in tandem with stakeholders of a brand to achieve desired objectives.